4 days, 3 nights


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Day 1- 9 am


Meet Boquillas Port of Entry, cross Rio Bravo
Load up, grab snack/beverage for the road
Drive by villages of Las Norias and Jaboncillos


Day 1- Noon


Arrive Reserva Natural El Carmen (RNEC) HQ Pilares
Orientation and check in rooms
Hot lunch in main dining room


Day 1- 2:00 PM


Vehicle tour of 40 square mile Desert Bighorn enclosure
Also look for mule deer, collared peccary and large birds of prey


Day 1- 5:00 PM


Return to base at Pilares. Free time to organize and relax
Social hour in the grand dining room
Dinner served at 7:30 pm
Night Sky observation and discussion


Day 2- 7:00 am


Breakfast beverage service begins
Full breakfast served  8:00 am


Day 2- 9:00 am


Drive up San Isidro Canyon, with massive limestone cliffs
Guides call Elk, and bring a spotting scope along
Drive up canyon to 6000′ elevation to vicinity of old Fronterizo mine
Picnic lunch with fresh ingredients, all diets accommodated
Drive down to Juarez Canyon,   walk 1.5 – 2 hours
Beautiful landscapes along a historic route dating to Colonial Era


Day 2- 5:00


Return to base at Pilares. Same schedule as Day 1


Day 3- 7:00 am


Breakfast beverage service begins. Full breakfast served  8:00 am


Day 3- 9:00 am


Drive to Maderas del Carmen high country, with frequent stops and short walks
Visit  heavily vegetated woodland terrain over 8’000 feet in elevation
Picnic lunch Campo 2 at 7500 feet. Mule deer are prolific and bear sign is plentiful
As it is heavily wooded, we see few bears. They surely do see us
Afternoon walk to scenic overlooks, depending on guest interests and capabilities


Day 3- 5:00


We spot a lot of bears driving from the high ridges towards Pilares
Dining hall open for social hour and dinner at 7:30 pm


Day 4- 7:00 am


Breakfast beverage service begins. Full breakfast served  8:00 am


Day 4- 9:00 am


Drive to Canyon de los Morteros and visit Native American archeological sites
Cemex Nature has introduced a small herd of American Bison to this desert grassland


Day 4- 1:00 pm


Return to Pilares for a sit down lunch before packing up and saying goodbye


Day 4- 2:00 pm


Depart Pilares for Boquillas
Arrive in time to pass the US Port of Entry by 4:30 PM

Mesa Bonita
Canyon de Juarez
La Cueva
Big Horn ram
Archeological site Isidro Canyon
Hugo calling elk