Texas River Music What to Wear and What to Bring

What to bring, how to dress, etc:

October weather is normally quite pleasant, but like anywhere else in Texas, only fools and those of the northern persuasion attempt to predict. Daytime highs will be in the 80’s and possibly 90’s. Overnight lows in the 50’s and maybe 40’s.

Bring clothing to be comfortable from 40 to 95 degrees. You don’t need a heavy coat or jacket, but bring 2-3 layers in case of an unseasonable cold snap. Bring rain gear; chances are it stays buried in the dry bag. Bring a bathing suit, last year people were swimming up until the 2nd week in November, however brief. We will send you a best guess of anticipated weather conditions a week before departure, and updates with changes.

You need shoes to wear in the raft that will certainly get wet. We do not recommend flip flops; old sneakers are fine if you don’t already have water shoes or sandals with ankle straps. BRING A HAT, broad brimmed are the best. Sun screen is a must. though long sleeves and long pants are the absolute best sun protection possible, but even then you need to hit face, neck and hands.

Sleeping bags are not included in the trip cost, but may be rented along with a comfortable ground pad for an additional fee. We recommend that you bring your own lightweight tent and folding chair if you have those. We can provide those at no addition cost if you do not have them, but you need to let us know.

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Guest listening to a musician playing a guitar
Enjoying Music on the River
Round yurt with comfortable bed and furniture at the base camp in Terlingua
Unique Accommodations
Accommodations with rock porch and steps at Villa Terlingua
Villa in Terlingua