Mike Davidson moved to Terlingua in 1977 as co-founder of Far Flung Adventures, pioneer river outfitters. He spent the next 25 years outfitting and guiding Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Mexico and Guatemala.


Davidson rowed many thousands of miles on the Rio Grande and other great rivers, introducing people to the wonders of the local landscape and history. After leaving the river business (but not the river) behind, one of his many many projects was to produce 15 museum quality road side interpretive exhibits scattered around Brewster County. This project required hundreds of hours of study, reading and research into the fascinating history of this area.


Became Emergency Medical Technician in 1978, maintaining advanced first aid certification through the present. Swiftwater Rescue Technician and Instructor; one of the first in Texas.


Rivers guided professionally:


Rio Grande, Texas; Tuolumne , California; Stanislaus , California; Salt , Arizona; Arkansas , Colorado; Rio Grande, New Mexico; Rio Chama, New Mexico; Mexican Rivers : Rio Grande de Santiago, Jalisco; Rio Yaqui, Sonora; Rio Moctezuma, Hidalgo-San Luis Potosi; Rio Antigua, Veracruz; Rio Filobobos, Veracruz; Rio Actopan, Veracruz; Rio Usumacinta, Chiapas; Rio Lacantun, Chiapas; Rio de la Pasion, Peten, Guatemala. Others run for pleasure in a wide variety of locations: Ecuador, Cuba, Arkansas.

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Beautiful sunset with wispy clouds and brilliant yellows and oranges with desert plants in the foreground, including ocatillo and scrub brush