Go Big Bend update
August 15, 2020


BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK has re-opened again in the first of 5 proposed phases to incrementally expand activities and access to the park. Currently as of Aug 15, visitors may drive from Terlingua or Marathon to the Basin DAY USE ONLY.   SEE MORE.

BOQUILLAS FERRY remains closed at least until September 21 as part of a general ban on non-essential border traffic.  GO BIG BEND is the US permittee which operates this unique border river crossing. SEE MORE

TEXAS RIVER MUSIC is on for 3 great weekends in October 2020. The trips are completely booked and we are starting to schedule for October of 2021. These trips are very popular and will book quickly once we nail down the artists.  SEE MORE

TOURS TO RESERVA NATURAL EL CARMEN will not resume until spring of 2021.  La Reserve is a privately owned portion of the the designated Maderas del Carmen Natural Protected Area. La Reserva varies in elevation from 2000 feet above sea level to 9,000. Go Big Bend has the exclusive privilege to organize small, personalized tours to this magnificent. We will soon publish dates for monthly tours February through May. Call or email for more info.  SEE MORE

DUE TO COVID-19,  guided day tours are cancelled indefinitely. We will offer those again when the Park has completely re-opened. We are working on a plan to operate driving tours in separate vehicles using wireless head sets to communicate the interpretative message at a safe distance, eliminating risk of viral transmission. These headsets will enable us to take short walks with proper social distancing. Guests would provide their own meals and beverages.

E-mail, or call 432 386-5635

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