Reserva Natural El Carmen


Reserva Natural El Carmen is a privately  managed nature preserve south of Big Bend National Park, in Northern Coahuila, Mexico. It covers over 400,000 acres, with a mixture of high grasslands, rugged canyons and lofty peaks up to 9,000 feet in elevation. This amazing location is home to black bear, elk, pronghorn, desert bighorn sheep, mule and white-tailed deer. In November 2019, a  herd of 19 American Bison was reintroduced to restored native grassland within La Reserva.


RNEC is a role model for large scale wild land and wild life conservation and restoration.  Since February 20, 2020,  in close coordination with CEMEX  Nature,  Go Big Bend offers 4 day, 3 night tours to La Reserva once per month February- November. Group size is limited to 6-12 persons.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to Covid 19 precautions, tours have been discontinued until Fall 2020. Hopefully no later.  September and October departures are fully booked; there is availability on a tour scheduled November 5-8, 2020. E-mail with questions or call  (432) 386-5635.


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 email, or call 432 386-5635
Juvenile Big Horn Sheep
Road to the high country
Map of Big Bend region and Reserva Natural El Carmen