COVID 19 operating plan How to Stay Safe

We  plan operate Texas River Music trips in October 2020, with new protocols in response to Civid pandemic , to be evaluated and modified as circumstances evolve. The primary goal is to prevent community infection of Covid 19 during these trips.

  1. Check in procedures: Guests and staff will be masked while issuing and demonstrating dry bags. Check in will take place in open air covered pavilion. Dry bags, tents, sleeping pads and rental sleep kits will all be washed and handled carefully by masked, gloved personnel. At check in,  and immediately prior to boarding vehicles or boats, personal temperatures will be checked by remote thermometer. Presence of elevated temperature or suspicious symptoms may result in loss of place on the trip.
  2. Ground Transportation: Normally trips include ground transportation to and from a fixed location in 15 passenger vans and SUVS. Vehicles are usually full.  River shuttles will operate at 40% of full capacity.  Masks will be required; all windows remain open.  Guest vehicles may be integrated into transportation logistics to facilitate social distancing. Vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized between uses.


  1. Boat assignments: Most guests travel in pairs. Groups of 4 or more will get a raft just for their group. Rafts do not allow the recommended 6’ social distancing while on the water.  We will have a supply of N95 masks and may require everyone to wear one on the boat, especially the guide.


  1. Meal service: Staff is masked and gloved. Gloves and hand sanitizer available for guests. Guest mask up in line for food service. We will avoid shared service utensils and use individual disposables more than we would prefer. Frequent sanitizing of community surfaces.
Patrice Pike
Sam Baker singer/songwriter
Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock